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Landscaping Tips To Help Sell Your Saanich Peninsula Home

When prospective buyers show up to your Saanich Peninsula home the first thing their going to notice is your lawn and landscaping, or lack thereof.  The look and feel of your property can immediately impress buyers and make them more interested in your home or turn them away entirely in search of … [Read more...]

What You Need To Know About Planting Cedars on Your Saanich Property

Cedar Trees or Hedges Are An Excellent Investment In Your Property As your Cedars (thuja) grow they help increase your property value and appeal. Pick any neighborhood or any street in the Greater Victoria area and you're bound to find several properties that boast mature cedar trees and/or … [Read more...]

Fall Property Clean Ups For Sidney and North Saanich Residents

Fall Property Clean Up in Sidney and North Saanich We'll get your Sidney property ready for the winter. When the leaves start to turn yellow and fall onto your Sidney property it's time to consider getting your lawn and landscaping ready for the cold, wet winter months ahead.  A good fall clean … [Read more...]

Understanding The Cost Of Your Landscaping Estimate in Saanich

Does Your Landscaping Estimate Seem Expensive...? But Is It Really? discussing the costs to run a landscaping business and how it's reflected in an estimate. Have you recently received an estimate for a lawn maintenance or landscaping project?  Did it seem high to you?  Or maybe you’re just … [Read more...]

3 Common Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make With Your Saanich Lawn

It's Not Easy Having a Beautiful Lawn or Everyone Would Have One! Here are 3 common mistakes home and property owners make with their lawn. Having a beautiful lawn isn't easy.  It takes a lot of work and it starts with the initial prep that went into your property before planting seed or rolling … [Read more...]

7 Landscaping Projects That Will Increase Your Greater Victoria Property Value

7 Landscaping Projects That Will Boost The Value Of Your Property These will make a big impact in how much curb appeal your property has. There are many ways to increase the value of your Greater Victoria property but the improvements that make the biggest difference are the improvements you … [Read more...]

Maintaining Your Saanich Lawn and Landscaping Through The Winter Months

Wondering What To Do With Your Greater Victoria Landscaping This Fall? We specialize in getting your lawns, gardens and landscaping ready for the cold wet, winter. As the leaves on the trees throughout the Saanich Peninsula begin to turn color we know the summer growing season is coming to an … [Read more...]