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We Build Allan Block Retaining Walls from Sidney to Victoria
Our team has taken the Allan Block installers certification course

Do you want to build an Allan Block Retaining Wall on your property?  Island Pro Mowing and Landscaping has 4 team members on staff who've taken the Allan Block installation certification course through local Expocrete affiliate and dealer Slegg Lumber.  We are knowledgeable on the product line, the installation procedures and can provide you with a detailed estimate to build an Allan Block retaining wall on your property.

What Is Allan Block?

An Allan Block AB Classic

An AB Classic Allan Block.

Allan Block is one of the world leaders in patented segmented retaining wall systems made out of concrete.  "Allan Blocks" as they are called are a dry stackable retaining wall block available in a variety of different styles, patterns and sizes depending on the look you are trying to achieve with your retaining wall.

Why Use Allan Block For Your Retaining Wall?

AB Europa Collection "Abbey Blend".

AB Europa Collection "Abbey Blend".

Allan Block retaining wall blocks come in a variety of different styles to work within your site and design requirements.  It's a patented, pre-engineered dry stackable retaining wall system designed for low maintenance, beautiful curb appeal and it's incredible strength.

The Allan Block Advantage consists of many benefits and features and the most notable would include the beautiful designs and patterns, the built-in patented interlocking system, it's ability to create curves, built-in setbacks of 12, 6 or 3 degrees and built in drainage.

When installed by a contractor who's taken the Allan Block installation certification course you're going to end up with a beautiful retaining wall built for much more than just looks!

Popular Allan Block Retaining Wall Block Styles

AB® Classic

AB Europa®
AB Aztec

Why Would You Build a Retaining Wall On Your Victoria Property?

Building Allan Block Retaining Walls in Victoria BC.

Allan Block Retaining Wall AB Classic Ashlar Blend.

While retaining walls can make a beautiful addition to any landscape, they do serve a very specific purpose.  Here on Vancouver Island we are blessed with a beautiful place to live but cursed with the fact that we live on one big giant rock!

This means flat and level ground to build and expand on is worth a premium here and it's a rarity for a home to have a nice, level lot that maximizes the use of the property to it's fullest.

The reality is that many homes in Victoria and the Peninsula are being built on un-level ground including up hillsides like Mt. Doug or Dean Park or Bear Mountain and on steep and rocky waterfronts like Oak Bay or Deep Cove or Esquimalt.

The real purpose behind a retaining wall is to create new usable land for a property owner to enjoy by holding back or shaping earth.  Whether you're building a retaining wall to contain earth on a downward slope and thus build out your lawn area or cutting into a hillside in your backyard to create a bigger patio area or a backyard for kids to play.

A properly built retaining wall system will help you transform that unusable terrain on your property into land that has value for you and more resale value when you go to sell your home.

Replacing Old Concrete or Timber Retaining Walls

30 years ago it used to be a common practice to build retaining walls out of timbers such as rail road ties or formed and poured concrete only because segmented retaining wall systems hadn't been fully developed (or widely accepted yet).  Now, these same retaining walls made out of wood or concrete are at their end-of-life-span and are rotting out, collapsing, toppling over or have formed large unsightly cracks in the concrete and need replacement or repair.

There are countless properties in the Greater Victoria area that have retaining walls that are in need of replacement and using a segmented retaining wall system is an excellent choice for replacement.

If you have an old timber or concrete retaining wall that you'd like replaced give us a call 250-812-4676 and we can organize a time to view your project and discuss the various options we have available.

Do You Need To Remove The Existing Retaining Wall?

This depends on where your retaining wall is located.  If there is enough room to build a new wall in front of the old retaining wall then that will be your most economical option and would also increase the amount of land available on the high side of the wall.  If the retaining wall is right up against a property line or setback then the only option is often removal which can add significant expense to your project if we need to excavate and haul away the old wall.  In some cases the old wall can be used as fill, but we'd need to inspect your site first to determine that.

Frequently Asked Questions About Allan Block Retaining Walls

How Our Allan Block Retaining Wall Construction Process Works

When building an Allan Block retaining wall on your property that is designed to hold back tons of soil and earth it's important that everything from the planning to the initial ground work be done properly.  Here is our process.

  1. We start with our initial consultation.
  2. We determine how many square feet of retaining wall you need.
  3. We determine the height of the wall and if a building permit or engineer will be required.
  4. We consult with you on the specific type of Allan Block you'd like your retaining wall built with.
  5. We’ll provide you with an accurate written estimate for the work.
  6. If you decide to move forward we’ll get to work on the schedule start-date and build your new retaining wall.

The amount of work required to build an Allan Block retaining wall can vary widely from project to project.  The slope of your property, the amount of earth your retaining wall must hold back, and the overall accessibility of your property will all contribute to the final cost.

We’ll be able to offer you an accurate estimate only after a site visit.

Remember:  Retaining walls that are in excess of 1.2 meters in height (3.9 ft) will require a building permit and must be designed by a geotechnical engineer.  The Allan Block patented segmented retaining wall system is already an engineered system so it can help streamline the process by only requiring building permits and the wall won't necessarily have to be designed by an engineer unless there are additional surcharges or other special circumstances that might need to be accounted for.

Island Pro Mowing and LandscapingWhy Choose Island Pro Mowing and Landscaping For Retaining Wall Construction?

We understand that you have many landscaping contractors to choose from throughout Victoria. We just want you to know that when you choose to work with Island Pro Mowing and Landscaping you are partnering with a small, locally owned business that has more than 15 years experience implementing retaining wall solutions into properties just like yours.

Our entire team has also taken the Allan Block installation certification course so you can be confident in a quality installation of your new wall.

If you’d like to get the process started then please give us a call 250-812-4676 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you right away (usually the same day).