Mulch Delivery and Spreading

Mulch Spreading and Delivery Services in Sidney, Saanich and Victoria.

Mulching Gardens and Flower Beds in Sidney, Saanich and Victoria
We specialize in coordinating the delivery and spreading of large amounts of mulch.

Adding mulch into your garden beds and landscaped areas is an important part of maintaining a healthy property.  Mulch provides a myriad of benefits for your garden such as a nice uniform look, free of weeds and other organic debris.

There are several different types of mulch that can be used on your property for different aesthetic and functional properties.  Mulch helps to control weeds (when spread on top of landscape fabric), retains soil moisture and even acts as an insulating blanket for your soil during the fall and winter months.

Island Pro Mowing and Landscaping Inc. is a full service garden and landscape contractor based on the Saanich Peninsula.  We specialize in the delivery and spreading of several different types of mulch for gardens and landscapes of all sizes.  We can deliver and spread mulch throughout your garden beds, flower beds and landscape features for both residential and commercial clients.

landscape-maintenance-iconMinimum Mulch Delivery/Spreading = 4 Yards.  Mulch is sold and delivered by the yard.  1 yard of mulch spread about an 1″ thick should cover approximately 324 square feet.  We can arrive to your location with approximately 4-5 yards of mulch in our dumping trailer and orders larger than that will need to be delivered via a dump truck.  Our mulching estimates include delivery costs, spreading (1 hr per yard) and a clean up of the delivery area.  

garden-iconPreparation Of Beds:  Prior to mulching old garden beds they should be weeded and cleared out of any brush or debris.  Landscape cloth can be laid down if necessary.  Shrubs and surrounding tree cover should be trimmed back to prevent the organic debris from falling in your garden.  We are happy to add bed preparation and clean up into your estimate.

If you just want mulch delivered to install on your own you should contact your nearest landscape supply company and inquire about mulch delivery.

Popular Types Of Mulch We Deliver & Spread

Bark Nugget MulchBark Nugget Mulch
(Please call for pricing and availability)

Bark nuggets are popular to use within garden beds to help get a uniform look and they are also very popular for use in pathways and trail construction too.  They have a very rough, course look to them and break down much slower than finer bark mulch materials.


Screened Bark MulchScreened Bark Mulch – Includes Delivery, Spreading and Clean Up.

This is the bark mulch you usually see in gardens around the Saanich Peninsula.  It’s in abundant supply with the amount of logging activity we have and there are often several sizes of bark mulch available at any given time.  A screen is used to separate the sizes from course to fine.


Fish Compost and Fish MulchFish Compost and Soil Mulch – Includes Delivery, Spreading and Clean Up.

If you’re looking for a nutrient rich, dark mulch to use as a top dressing on gardens and landscaped beds then fish compost is an excellent choice.  Fish compost will encourage healthy plant growth and a deep root system capable of extracting all the nutrients out of the soil.


Wood Chip MulchWood Chips and Playground Mulch
(Please call for pricing and availability)

Wood chips or playground chips as they are sometimes called are a great choice for areas that will see foot traffic.  Playgrounds and pathways are both good examples for wood chips as the underlay because they don’t cause slivers and get stuck up in your shoes and socks like bark mulch can.


Yard and Garden Mulch Spreading Sidney, Saanich and Victoria

  • Bark Mulch Delivery and Spreading
  • Fish Mulch Delivery and Spreading
  • Cedar Wood Chips
  • Playground Wood Chips
  • Fine Bark Mulch
  • Bark Nuggets
  • Soil Amendment

How Our Garden Mulch Delivery and Spreading Works

There is more to mulching then just spreading it out on the soil.  You need to know about the types of mulch, their benefits and when they are appropriate to use.  We have a great growing season here on the Island but we still get cold, wet winters that can be hard on unprotected gardens and landscaping.  Mulching your garden beds will help protect them, in addition to making the look great.

  1. We start with our initial consultation.
  2. We will listen to your requirements, making any necessary suggestions.
  3. We will work with you to determine the type of mulch you’d like spread. (we can bring samples)
  4. We will take accurate measurements to determine how many yards will be needed.
  5. We show up on the scheduled day of delivery and spread your mulch as promised.
  6. The end result is garden beds and landscaping with a clean, uniform appearance.

How Much Does Delivery and Spreading Mulch Cost?

What Does It Cost To Spread Mulch in Your Garden BedsThe final cost of delivering and spreading mulch in your garden(s) will be determined by the size of the garden beds and how much mulch we’re going to need to deliver and spread.  The type of mulch you choose will also affect the price and lastly the most expensive portion is the labor to install and spread the mulch.  This usually means hand loading and dumping wheelbarrows full of mulch and spreading it in your garden beds.

If we can dump the mulch close to your garden beds for minimal handling then we’re going to be able to complete your job faster.  If we need to move the mulch with a wheelbarrow or a bobcat over a longer distance (from the front to back of your home for example) then the cost of your labor will go up because we’re spending more time.

We’ll only be able to provide you with an accurate estimate for spreading mulch in your gardens after a thorough site inspection.

Slinger Truck Mulch Delivery – For very large mulch orders (10 yards+) with difficult to access properties a slinger truck might be an option.  The slinger truck can sling the mulch right to where it’s needed.  We can coordinate this service for you with an average cost of $140 per hour, this doesn’t include your material.  While it sounds expensive, the slinger truck method of spreading mulch can save some property owners significant money in labor costs.  This service needs to be booked in advance!

Why Choose Island Pro Mowing and Landscaping For Mulch Delivery?

Island Pro Mowing and Landscaping Inc.We understand that you have many garden and landscape contractors to choose from throughout the Saanich Peninsula.  We just want you to know that when you choose to work with Island Pro Mowing and Landscaping you are partnering with a small, locally owned business that has more than 15 years experience keeping Saanich properties looking their best.

You can expect knowledgeable, reliable gardening services from a company that cares about your properties appearance and our local reputation.  When we spread and deliver mulch you can expect a great looking job, we’ll get the mulch into every crack and crevice that it should be including underneath your shrubs and other low lying bushes that other landscapers often ignore.  When we’re done we are going to do a thorough clean up of your job site so you’ll never even know we were there.

It’s these little details that make a big difference in the quality of our service!

If you’d like to get the process started then please give us a call 250-812-4676 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you right away (usually the same day).