Xeriscape and Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas

We are often asked by our clients for our ideas on their Xeriscaping and low maintenance landscaping projects.  It’s a really tough question to answer as the landscape design process isn’t so simple!

There are so many variables, that it’s often better (and easier) for us when a client can point to a photo and say “I want this!” or “I really like that!…”  When we’re working on something as visual as a clients landscape, it’s always nice to narrow down the creative juices into something client wants right from the start!  This we don’t spend so much time going back and forth and you’ll end up with a low maintenance landscape you’ll get enjoyment from.

Here is a collection of Xeriscaping ideas we’ve found throughout Greater Victoria.  These are not projects we’ve completed, but it’s a good scrapbook to start looking for local inspiration.