How Much Will It Cost To Prune My Hedge?

How Much Will It Cost To Prune and Trim Your Hedges?
It varies from property to property but this article will give you an idea.

One of the questions we often asked by customers is “how much will it cost to prune my hedge?” and the truth is, we can’t really give anyone an answer to this question over the Internet.  We’d actually have to come out and take a look at the hedges on your property first to give us a better idea of how much time it’s going to take.

With that said here are a few factors that can contribute to the cost of pruning your hedge.

#1.  Hedge Height

How tall are the hedges?  If they are over 6′ tall then we’ll need to use a ladder to prune them.  Whenever the ladder is required for hedge pruning it greatly slows down the speed at which we can prune.  Climbing up, down and re-positioning the ladder takes additional time.  Not only that but if we’re working off the top of a ladder we’ll need a helper holding it for safety reasons.

#2.  Length Of The Hedge

Is your hedge just a few feet long or does it span the entire length of your property line?  We’ve pruned hedges that cost as low as $200 to as high as $3000 or more and the price difference is always related to the height, length and accessibility of the hedge.

#3.  How Accessible Is Your Hedge?

This is what many landscapers call the “pain in the butt factor” If your hedge is along the frontage of your property and easily accessible then it will be easy for us to access with our equipment and thus will take us less time to complete.  If your hedge is located in the back of your property, or along the side of your property and we have to work around vehicles, boats, RV’s, sheds, gardens or other obstacles it will increase the amount of time we have to spend on your hedge and will also increase the time it takes to clean the mess.

#4.  When Was The Last Time Your Hedge Was Pruned?

If the hedge has been neglected and is very overgrown then it’s going to take us longer to trim it back into shape for you.  If you have a well maintained hedge then “touch-ups” can be completed relatively quickly on a semi-annual basis.

#5.  Clean Up and Dump Fees

There can be a lot of organic waste to clean up when we prune a hedge and you probably don’t want us to just leave it all over your lawn.  For very large hedges we can easily fill one of our dump trailers in a day with all of the clippings.  Unless you have somewhere on your property you’d like to dump these hedge trimmings we’ll need to haul it away for you and dispose of it properly.

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