Landscape Construction


Landscape Construction Services Saanich Peninsula
We specialize in all aspects of landscape construction

Landscape construction encompasses everything from softscapes (trees, gardens, shrubs, plants) to hardscapes (rock, stone, decks, patios, walls) and more.  Investing in the landscaping of your property is an excellent way to increase it’s curb appeal and increase the value of the property.  Landscaping is one area of property improvement that always offers an excellent return on the investment.

Island Pro Mowing and Landscaping Inc. is a full service landscaping contractor serving the Saanich Peninsula.  We specialize in custom landscaping construction projects such as building retaining walls, outdoor patios and cooking areas, rock features and gardens, boulder arrangements, fences, decks and gazebos.

Landscaping Construction Services Saanich Peninsula

How Our Landscape Construction Process Works

We can work directly with your landscape designer, your own design plans or we can even offer a 3D landscape design to help you envision and build the landscape you’ve always wanted.

  1. We start with our initial consultation.
  2. We will listen to your requirements, making any necessary suggestions.
  3. We will determine the scope of work, cost of materials and start-date.
  4. We will provide you with a detailed and written estimate for the work.
  5. We will show up on the scheduled day(s) and complete our services as promised.
  6. The end result will be your beautifully landscaped property.

Do You Use Sub-Contractors For Landscape Construction

Yes, we certainly do.  And it’s a good thing too!  While we’re excellent at what we do, there are certain specialized tasks we’re just not as efficient as the contractors who do nothing but that one task all day.  Irrigation systems are a great example along with property excavations too, they require very specialized knowledge and equipment.

We are however, expert managers when it comes to landscape design and construction and we’ll be able to quickly assemble a dream team of landscaping professionals to complete any type of work on your property, while we meticulously manage and oversee every aspect of the job through to completion.

By using specialized trades for the tasks they do the best we’re ensuring that you end up with the highest possible quality of finished work.  When it’s something as visually important as your landscaping, we think this is a pretty big deal.

Why Choose Island Pro Mowing and Landscaping For Landscape Construction?

We understand that you have many landscaping contractors to choose from throughout the Saanich Peninsula.  We just want you to know that when you choose to work with Island Pro Mowing and Landscaping you are partnering with a small, locally owned business that has more than 15 years experience keeping Saanich properties looking their best.

You can expect knowledgeable, reliable landscaping services from a company that cares about your properties appearance and our local reputation.

If you’d like to get the process started then please give us a call 250-812-4676 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you right away (usually the same day).