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Pressure Washing Services Sidney and North Saanich

Pressure Washing Services in Sidney and North Saanich
We’ll pressure wash your deck/patio, driveway or sidewalk

Do you have some pressure washing that you’d like completed on your Sidney or North Saanich Property?  Maybe it’s a driveway that has gotten pretty dirty and gummed up with moss and algae growth or maybe it’s your deck or patio?  Maybe you own a property close to the water and you’re overwhelmed with the amount of seagull and bird poop?

A good power wash will wash away years of dirt, grime, slime, bird poop and other organic debris and your driveway, deck or patio will look like new again.

Island Pro Mowing and Landscaping Inc. offers pressure washing services for both commercial and residential clients throughout Sidney and North Saanich.  Whether you need to pressure wash your driveway, retaining walls, siding or sidewalks the team at Island Pro Mowing and Landscaping will be able to take good care of you.

Contaminents That Make Your Sidney Home and Property Dirty

Even if the outside of your home looks clean, if you run your hand along a section of the siding you’ll often feel and see that it’s not really as clean as you think!  If you have trees on your property or lots of bushes and shrubs then pollens and other organic material can collect on your home, driveway, decks and more.  This organic matter, coupled with wet fall weather we get helps promote the growth of more organic matter such as algae, moss and mold.  These can make your home and exterior surfaces look dingy.

More Contaminents

  • Tree Pollens and Tree Sap
  • Bird Droppings
  • Algae and Mold Spores
  • Rust Stains
  • Soot From Chimneys
  • Soot From Heavy Traffic

We offer full-service exterior pressure washing services throughout Sidney and North Saanich. Whether you’re getting your home ready for sale or just want to keep the exterior of your home and property squeaky clean, pressure washing can handle the job. We offer one-time cleaning services as well as regularly scheduled power washing programs for fleets and commercial properties.

What You Should Know About Mold and Mildew On Your Home

There are more than 100,000 species of mold in the world so it’s no mystery that mold can be found everywhere. Neither an animal or plant, molds are microscopic organisms that produce enzymes to digest organic matter and spores to reproduce. In nature, mold plays a key role in the decomposition of leaves, wood, and other plant debris.  We just don’t want it growing on our homes.

Without mold, we would find ourselves wading neck-deep in dead plant matter. And we wouldn’t have great foods and medicines, such as cheese and penicillin. However, problems arise when mold starts digesting the organic materials we don’t want them to, like the outside of your home or structure or deck or driveway.  If this is happening to your Sidney or North Saanich property then give us a call today!

Pressure Washing Services Sidney and North Saanich

  • Algae and Mold Removal
  • Rust Stain Removal
  • House Washing
  • Driveway Washing
  • Sidewalk Cleaning
  • Gutter Washing
  • Deck Washing and Cleaning

If your home, building or hardscape needs to be cleaned by a professional then you need Island Pro Mowing and Landscaping Inc. services.  Give us a call today or click the button below!