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How Much Will It Cost To Prune My Hedge?

How Much Will It Cost To Prune and Trim Your Hedges? It varies from property to property but this article will give you an idea. One of the questions we often asked by customers is "how much will it cost to prune my hedge?" and the truth is, we can't really give anyone an answer to this question … [Read more...]

How Much Will It Cost To Clean My Gutters in Sidney, Saanich or Victoria?

Do You Want To Know How Much It Will Cost To Clean Your Gutters? The short answer is the cost for gutter cleaning varies from house to house - here's why. The cost to clean gutters from Sidney to Victoria varies from house to house for a number of reasons and we'll explain them below.  First, if … [Read more...]

Driveway Cleaning and Power Washing Makes Your Driveway Look New Again

The driveway leading up to your home is often one of the last things that comes to mind when you're thinking about improving the curb appeal of your property.  This seemingly low-cost property maintenance task makes a dramatic visual difference though, and it shouldn't be overlooked. How Often … [Read more...]

Winter Landscaping Ideas For Saanich Peninsula Property Owners

Are you looking for winter landscaping ideas for your Saanich Peninsula or Greater Victoria property?  There are many areas of your landscaping that can be designed to provide both aesthetics and function for your property in the winter months that carry benefits year-round.  Any landscaping … [Read more...]